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Steampunk websites and blogs

Who's on your list of must-read blogs?

I'm always on the lookout for more steampunk blogs to add to my feed, so here's a few of my favorites. Most are pretty well known and popular, but there might be a few more obscure sites in here:

The Steampunk Workshop is the online home of Jake Von Slatt, and popular and talented figure in the “maker” end of steampunk. Most of his work is pretty beyond my abilities/workspace, but it's wonderfully inspirational and very shiny.

Beyond Victoriana is written by Ay-Leen the Peacemaker, and is a wonderful assortment of essays, con reports, reviews, and historical ephemera. Ay-Leen says “The intention of this blog is to start conversations with steampunk enthusiasts, to expand cultural mindsets, to question the stereotypical representations of “steampunk.””

The Steampunk Family has a delightfully wide range of things to see, from fiction to DIY project tutorials.

The Steampunk Home is a treasure trove for me, since I've been musing a lot on getting the steampunk out of my clothes and into my environment.

Add to the list?
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