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Steampunk fashion, literature and general discussion.

Everything Steam exists to serve the widest range of steampunk interests possible. If you're new to the genre, recall the birth of it, or are simply “steam-curious” we hope you find value in our group. All aspects of steampunk, such as Neo-Victoriana, Post-Apocalyptic, DieselPunk, SteamGoth, etc., etc. are welcome.

This group welcomes fashion, philosophical discussions links to interesting blogs and articles, displays of goods for sale, event listings, and just about anything else that you think the steampunk community would find of interest.

Moderation notes: Civility is a must. We do not tolerate offensive language, and endeavor to make our community as inclusive as possible. Steampunks are not of any particular race, gender, class, sexual orientation or ability, and our community will be a welcoming space to all our glorious variety.

Please post large images (bigger than 400 by 400 pixels) behind a cut. All images must either be property of the poster, or used with permission.

Any NSFW content should be posted behind a cut, with a warning.

Event postings are welcome, please list the location and date in the subject line.

Advertising is permitted, but limited to one posting per week.

In the rare event that the moderators need to delete a post, they will always e-mail an explanation of the reason behind the deletion to the original poster.

Our current moderator is Mary Holzman-Tweed, jadegirl@winterdream.org.